misters equinox


Misters Equinox is a polynymous collective of artists operating under one body and mind, but many names. (Read = a system. (Read = the Marble Collective.))

We make art "& everything else". We have been creating visual work since we were young, however this website/homepage is re-founded in Summer of 2020. Marbles has previously worked on ideas such as: a gender-creative alien play in voices titled FOREIGN BODIES, a fable called The Mouse and the Bat, and other personal, unfinished works. The Marbles hope to one day create a togetherness collection of interesting pieces organized by years written, or something along those lines.

The Marble Collective/Misters Equinox's work often centers on themes such as: multiplicity, romance, polyamoury, queerness, family, identity, pain, love, and fantasy characters. When a more stable body of work is created, he intends to create a portfolio on this very site. For now, you may send inquiries to an instagram address through Direct Message if you'd like to see their images and commission examples.

My public Instagram Page is Here.

This is my personal Inspiration Blog.